Marck & Care Engineers Ltd. Has over 20 years of experience in offering Industrial Valves. Our manufacturing process is committed to deliver high quality material while maintaining high frequency of production to meet our customers’ demand. We have successfully established our Brand MNC in the market of India & abroad. All valves are inspected & tested as per international standards.The company has witnessed exponential growth under the leadership of its founder & managing director. Mr. M. Wajid. Being inventive thinker and with exceptional valve related knowledge, also maintaining a close personal touch with their customers, suppliers & employees ensure a smooth functioning of our company.The strength of our Technically Trained Sales, Engineering & Service Teams, the Quality of our products & our innovative solutions distinguishes Marck & Care Engineers Ltd. in the marketplace & makes our products the right choice in accordance to your application & need to each valve.



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Actuated Valves

A valve actuator is a mechanical device that uses a power source to operate a valve. This power source can be electric, pneumatic (compressed air), or hydraulic (oil flow). There are two main types of actuators, one for each of the two main types of valves that they require. They are rotary and linear.

BFV 1101 MNC CI Body SGI Disc Butterfly Valve EPDM Seat Wafer Type Lever Operated PN10 PN16 Marck and Care Engineers Ltd Delhi Ahmedabad Exporters
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High Pressure

We are very experienced in manufacturing high pressure valves. We offer super quality customizing high pressure valves and casting high pressure valves, which are designed to meet our customer's goal.

Manual Valves

Manual valves are primarily used to stop and initiate flow (block or on-off valves), although some designs can be used for basic manual thrilling. The best manual valves for on-off services are those that allow the flow to move directly through the body, with a full field off element that presents little or no pressure drop.

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